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Here you will find the most common questions and answers in an online store.

Do you have a physical store where we can see the items?

No, our store is online only. You can also order the digital catalog in pdf.

Most ads may be posts from other merchants but in such cases these products identify the seller in which you can use the contacts made available on the page or through our messaging platform to ask the seller for information.

How many online stores do you own?

We currently own and represent five online stores and where the customer with the same account and login can access any of them, where you can:

View, edit your account details;

Consult your checking account;

Ask for and consult your budgets;

Among others.

What is the value of shipping costs?

Normally any purchase above 60€ VAT Included and domestic deliveries within the country Portugal not included islands, the postage is free, however some cases may not apply this rule.

Deliver products in which countries?

In addition to Portugal, we deliver in almost every country in Europe.

Do you have and send paper catalogues?

In addition to the product catalog available in the online store, we have pdf digital catalog that you can obtain in the following ways for free:

  • In any of our online stores on the catalogs page;
  • Ask us to email;
  • Subscribe to newsletter and receive the periodically updated catalog;

We do not send the paper catalog to the domicilio but if you wish we can ship and some costs may be

Do prices already have VAT?

Yes,prices presented already have VAT included and you can also view the vat-free price immediately below the vat-inclusive price.

Unless subscription plans that may be displaying the price without VAT but duly flagged next to the price, when submitting any plan for the cart will already see the final price with VAT.

On the Checkout / Checkout page you will view the total order already with the other charges for example shipping costs and or discounts if applicable if applicable.

What are the Payment Methods?

We have several means of payment described below:

  • Bank Transfer;
  • PayPal;
  • Debit and Credit Card (Via PayPal);
  • AT and PayShop References;
  • MB Way;

Do you send it to the charge?

No, we don't send it to the charge.

How do you process deliveries?

Os Equipment is transported by one of our logistics partners to his house. Our logistics partners are instructed to contact you before delivery of the goods to match the day and time of delivery that is more suitable for you. Therefore, it is important that you provide us with a number of valid when ordering.
When the order leaves our warehouse and is delivered to our logistics partner you will receive an email with this information.

On your website, next to the images some of the products they sell appear decorative items. Are they included in the price?

No. These items are just decorative and merely have that function.

If I make purchases of quantities higher than the minimum indicated in your store, do I have the best price of the product and postage?

Yes, we suggest you take advantage of the Dual Cart System (double Cart) and submit the product to the budget list and at the end of the delivery address?

The request for quotation, is an identical process when finalizing a purchase only that no value is charged. After the price is revised by our team the customer is notified by email with the pdf quotation attached to the email, you can then go to the store even by clicking the link and you can take one of two options:

  1. Rejects quotation and will immediately be disabled;
  2. Approves the budget by proceeding normally to checkout/

Can I choose a different delivery address from the invoice?

Yes, you can choose a delivery address other than the billing address without any problem. In the checkout process, it appears in the first one on the form for the invoice data and then another for the shipping data in which case the invoice and shipping address are the same, just select the checkbox indicated for that purpose or you can enter another address to send.

Is it safe to shop in your online stores?

Yes, our platform processes payments through a partner specializing in electronic payment. Our platform does not have access to your payment details at any time, but to a simple payment confirmation. Our platform is SSL certified to secure e-commerce sites.

Is it possible to cancel an order?

Yes, if the application has not yet entered the packaging process and Sending. You can request cancellation through our contacts page, select one of the available contacts Phone or email, have the order note with you in case of call or send an email enter the number that identifies the order. and the reason that led to the dropout of the order.


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